River Rock Band Releases Debut Album

7 years ago, the pastoral staff at Hancock Church in Lexington MA asked me to do music for a new, alternative, informal service called Worship @ the Well. My first reaction was "yuck!" as most of the music that I had heard for such things was pretty terrible, both musically and theologically. I said I'd do it IF I had the freedom to come up with a different way to do the music. Thus was born the River Rock Band. It began as a duo and now is a dedicated 8 piece band (with many special guests) that plays an incredibly eclectic array of music from Rock to jazz, Celtic to afro-pop, acoustic roots to gospel, country to....whatever! What it is NOT is a "praise band." The band includes fantastic musicians like Patrice Williamson, a former "best of Boston" winner (jazz singer) and member of the faculty at the famed Berklee College of Music. In short, it's the real deal and the reaction we've gotten to the album has been incredibly positive. Check it out! It's probably the most eclectic album from one group you'll ever own...

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